Web design is a fast-moving field, and the criteria of a good website are changing all the time. We can't expect everybody to be able to keep up with the trends, so I am happy to provide the guidance you need to help your site keep up and always look modern and fresh.

Not everybody knows where to begin with designing a website, or how to tell if an existing website is as good as it can be. That is why with me, your first consultation is always free.

If you're curious what it takes to set up a website, or to improve your existing site, don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss details with you.

Initial Consultation Ongoing Consultation

Recommended For
  • Busy business owners who want to know if their website is attractive, modern, and effective.
  • Artists, Musicians, Producers, or other Creators who want to know what it takes to have a great, simple custom website.
  • Anybody who doesn't know where to start with creating a website.

Recommended For
  • Business owners that are happy with their website, but want help keeping it up to date and competitive.
  • Students and Hobbyists who want occasional help adjusting, repairing, and/or maintaining their website.

  • We will sit together and review the traits you need for a successful personal or business website.
  • If you already have a website, we can go over it together and decide what improvements you would like to see, and what website features may be lacking that would be of great use to you.
  • Initial consultations are always free, even if we don't end up creating a solution for you. I have no problem referring you to contacts that may be able to serve your needs better than we can.

  • If you have a website you're happy with, but want guidance on specific tools or methods for improvement, I'm happy to lend my experience to you.
  • I can suggest solutions to common problems and connect you with resources (products, methods, and contacts).
  • I will keep you up to date on exciting new features and design methods that will benefit your company, brand, or personal image.

From $30/Hour

Design & Development

Whether we find that you need a custom solution, or if an existing web product is a good fit for you, I'm happy to help you get it set up and looking the way you want.

Static Websites

A static website is a great solution for a person or business needing a simple, attractive website that doesn't need to change much. Since static websites are more simple, customizing and maintaining them is easy, and they are usually quick and easy to set up.

Recommended For
  • Businesses with services that don't often change, like:
    • Small Retail Stores
    • Auto Shops
    • Hair Salons and Barbershops
  • People who need a website containing a small portfolio and/or contact information.
Base Development Cost $60/Hour
Average Development Time 2 Hours/Page
Average Total Cost $120/Page

Static Websites with CMS

A Static Website with CMS offers a great solution for people and businesses who want a low-maintenance online presence that doesn't need major frequent updating, but has the ability to be easily updated as needed from time to time.

A Static Website with a Content Management System (CMS) offers flexibility between a rigid Static Website and a complex Dynamic Website. With a CMS, you can make updates to pages, add photos, or change contact information as often as needed, while keeping the design of the site simple and easy to maintain.

Recommended For
  • Businesses that need to make minor updates often, like updating menus or hours
    • Restaurants
    • Bars
    • Coffee Shops
  • Creators that want to show off a portfolio and keep it fresh with new entries
Base Development Cost $60/Hour
Average Development Time 3 Hours/Page
Average Total Cost $180/Page

Dynamic Websites

Need a more powerful website? A Dynamic website has content that can easily be changed, and can make use of more advanced features like databases, video feeds, and storefronts.

Recommended For
  • Businesses that need advanced features and/or integration with other websites and services.
    • Storefronts
    • News Blogs
    • Online Gaming Portals
    • Forums
  • Individuals that want to take advantage of cutting-edge web technologies.
Base Development Cost $60/Hour
Average Development Time Varies
Average Total Cost Varies

Dynamic Websites can consist of a wide variety of technoligies, which makes their cost difficult to predict. Cost estimation of a Dynamic Website can be part of your free initial consultation if we determine that our Dynamic Website package is right for you.